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Your Mission Is My Mission

Conner HansonIn my never-ending quest for improved mental performance, I created Omni Bio Pharma as my own personal blog to catalog my journey through the fascinating word of limitless pills.

Also known as smart pills, these all natural brain supplements can help take your mind to the next level indeed, but are they safe?  Are they worth the money?

And most important: Do they work?

That’s my mission.  To test myself on the best selling Nootropics out there.  I have a decent sized budget from my job in IT.  I’m currently in a PhD program as well, so I need all the “edge” I can get to keep up (it’s not easy even for those of us with a “high IQ,” whatever that means).

Consider myself your guinea pig.  I’ve also enlisted the help of my girlfriend, Kia, and together we’re going to document our journey deep into the world of mind enhancing supplements!

Hopefully, you will find our product reviews and free information from our Secret IQ Nootropic vault to be useful.  Enjoy!

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