Is Oxiracetam Legal Based on International Laws?


Oxiracetam is among the best limitless pills renowned for improving a number of cognitive functions as well as the health of the brain in general.  It improves memory, heightens concentration levels and beef up the attention span. Unlike most of its family members, Oxiracetam takes an active role in improving the clarity of thought and mental fluidity but has no impact on an individual’s mood or anxiety.

However, despite the many undisputable benefits that Oxiracetam prides, most people from all walks of life are not in a position to know which laws regulate Oxiracetam usage even in the international scale. So based on international laws, is Oxiracetam legal? This article takes a deeper look into Oxiracetam international legal status.

What is Oxiracetam?

Oxiracetam was first brought to the public in 1988 by ICF an Italian Pharmaceutical Company and has in result initiated lots of scientific research and clinical tests over the years. Oxiracetam has helped many to increase their cognitive abilities and has become a vital supplement for those vulnerable to age-related mental decline and other disorders. It has proved to be a safe and non-toxic supplement with rare cases of side effects such as headaches which are both mild and easily containable.

Oxiracetam Legality in the USA

Like in most countries, in the US there exists several laws and regulations put in place to govern the use of most medicine or medicine related items such as supplements. This calls for an individual to develop a keen interest in Oxiracetam legality depending on where one resides globally.

In the United States, the Food and Drugs Administration has not regulated Oxiracetam thus cannot be sold in the country’s stores but can be bought online specifically for personal consumption.

Oxiracetam Legality in Other Countries

Like in the United States, Oxiracetam is unregulated in the United Kingdom but its possession, purchase, and usage is legal. One is allowed to make online purchases but the importation is restricted to one to three months supply. Similarly, in Canada, the Oxiracetam also remains unregulated since it lacks a Drug Number Identification but is still legal giving room to 1-3 months importation purely for non-commercial use.

In Australia, Oxiracetam is also legal allowing importation of small amounts that is 1-3 months’ supply strictly for personal use but its lack of listing in the list of Schedule IV substances which makes it unregulated.


Oxiracetam is recognized for its cognitive benefits making it a smart drug of high potent ability. It is a safe and non-toxic substance but has few cases of mild side effects such as headaches. It is also applicable for cycling. Currently, Oxiracetam is legal in most countries such as USA, UK, Canada and Australia. Despite being unregulated, the importation of small amounts that is one to three months’ supply is permissible.  In a nutshell, we live in a dynamic world hence one should furnish himself or herself with up to date regulations to facilitate compliance.


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