Limitless Pills

Limitless pills, if you aren’t already aware of it, are simply another term for nootropics. Their being termed “limitless” was inspired by the premise of the movie, Limitless, starring Oscar Award Winning actors Bradley Cooper and Robert DeNiro, where an average individual becomes close to superhuman in terms of brain power after popping the so-called Limitless Pill. Its appearance and prevalence in popular media form parts of the reason why limitless pills are becoming all the rage nowadays.

In the education, business, and corporate worlds, a drug that is able to do this is bound to be looked upon with nothing short of complete reverence. And if there are real-life drugs that have closely similar effects to the one that it brings about, they would undoubtedly be nootropics.

Brief Overview of Limitless Pills

Take note, though, that nootropics won’t turn you into a Spock-like character with otherworldly Vulcan thought processes. Most regular users of nootropics rely on them for the way they can efficiently boost attention and clear brain fog, allowing them to focus better and have a more potent memory. With that said, it’s still right to say that they are drugs that are able to improve one’s intelligence, as they are able to stimulate multiple aspects of your coginitive abilities, namely: memory, mood, focus, and even creativity and reasoning.

History of Limitless Pills

Plants that can alter and improve moods have been recorded as being consumed even by people who lived way back in ancient times. Nonetheless, the first time that the word nootropic was used to describe a drug only happened as recently as 1972, when psychologist Corneliu E. Giurgea called piracetam (a drug he was testing at the time for its memory-enhancing effects) as such. It comes from the Greek words “nous” (mind) and “trepein (bend).

Since then, scientists have been relentless in their studies of nootropics, which continue until this day. And just like in other scientific tests involving new substances, initial studies were conducted on animals (rats, in particular). With the passage of time, nootropics have since become more sophisticated and safer, especially the ones that are commercially available at present. Of course, factors such as their rise in popular media and the innate interest of people for its unique, amazing effects only made nootropics’ rise into a booming market that much easier.

Common Ingredients found in Limitless Pills

Ginkgo Biloba – supplement used by the Chinese since ancient times that improves blood circulation to the brain.

Omega-3 – promotes healthy circulation and prevents common heart diseases.

Huperzine-A – an ingredient that is best known in the medical world as a potent treatment for Alzheimer’s.

Phosphatidyl Serine – common brain supplement ingredient that improves overall brain function.

Choline – used to address issues like memory loss and depression, as well as for treating patients suffering from psychological ailments.

Where to Purchase Limitless Pills

As of this writing, limitless pills are largely available online, and there are no legal issues that you should be aware of when buying them. A lot of nootropics are being sold on e-commerce giants like Amazon; however, if you want to buy from reputable sites that specialize on them, then we highly recommend looking for them in Powder City and Nootropics Depot. However, US residents would have to be mindful of the fact that nootropics, like the popular Modafinil, is considered as a prescription drug in their country.

How much Do They Cost?

When buying nootropics, it’s important for you to decide whether you’re going to buy them in powder or pill form. Their pill variants are noticeably more expensive with a 500-gram bottle of Piracetam bottle costing around $195 as a great example. Buying it in powder form, allows you to save greatly as its 500-gram equivalent can be bought for less than $40.

Common Myths Surrounding Limitless Pills

  • It’s the same as the Limitless pill, NZT-48. – As mentioned above, nootropics don’t work the same way as the NZT-48 Limitless Pill in the movie Limitless. You are, nonetheless, guaranteed to benefit from the positive effects that it brings about to your mental faculties, as cited in the preceding passages.
  • It works instantly. – While some individuals can vouch that they felt an immediate effect upon taking in one pill, this is not always the case for everybody. This is because the time it takes for it to take effect highly depends on our unique body chemistry and genetics.
  • You will require less food and sleep when taking it. – This one dangerous misconception about limitless pills as you definitely still need to take optimum care of your body if you decide to take them.

Limitless Pills Side Effects

  1. Headaches are one of the most common side effects that users have reported when taking nootropics. This is no surprise as these drugs practically work primarily on that area.
  2. Insomnia and fatigue have been reported as well, but this is simply due to improper scheduling of intake. Make sure to avoid taking nootropics near your bedtime hours to prevent this.
  3. Stomachaches and other forms of gastrointestinal discomforts have been verified as well. Experts suggest reducing dose if you encounter this side effect.
  4. Other side effects include rashes and high blood pressure.