Generic Modafinil – Which is the Best Brand to Buy?

best generic brand for Modafinil

Apart from promoting wakefulness, Modafinil is one of the most popular smart drugs available, often used as an off-label cognitive enhancement product in most countries where its usage requires a medical prescription. Among other benefits, this drug is known to enhance the user’s cognitive abilities, improve focus, and curb sleep deprivation symptoms. It is also a powerful mood booster, energy enhancers and focuses promoter. If you are looking for more information about this cognitive enhancer, you might wonder which brand is the best and where to find it. Read on to get some insights from our guide to buying generic Modafinil: which brand is the best?

What is Provigil?

Modafinil is sold in under several brand names depending on where it is made. Cephalon is the major producer company of this smart drug, sold in the US as Provigil. Regardless of the fact that Provigil is a popular product name in the US, its use is restricted to patients with narcolepsy, sleep disruption problems, and disorder such as sleep apnea as a prescription drug. Regardless of this fact, scholars, career individuals, and entrepreneurs who wish to boost their intellectual abilities have been known to go for the smart drug.

What Are Some Of The Modafinil Brands Available?

As noted above, Modafinil is mainly available in the US as Provigil. The forms available in other regions are sold under different brand names, even though Cephalon seems to be the main Generic Modafinilmanufacturer of the patented form of the smart drug in different regions. Modafinil is also available as Provigil in other places such as the UK, South Africa, Belgium, Italy, Ireland, and Israel. Modavigil is the brand name for Modafinil sold in Australia and New Zealand, whereas it goes by the name Modasomil in Switzerland and Austria. Modafinil is available under various brands in India, including Modalert, Provoke, Modapro, and Modafil. This is perhaps because it is not a regulated substance in India and users can purchase and use it without the doctor’s prescription. Equador and Canada have Alertec, whereas in countries such as France, Japan, Turkey, Norway, Sweden and Portugal Modafinil is sold as Modiodal.

Generic Modafinil Vs Branded

These are just but a few of the existing brand names for Modafinil. Since most of them are made by the same mother-company (Cephalon), most of these Modafinil brands have the same effects and retain the same active ingredients of generic Modafinil. However, it can be a bit to tell the difference between an original product and an imitation. Non-patented Cephalon formulas versions of Modafinil are also available, meaning that you cannot truly tell whether or not such a product is safe and pure. A good example is Moderlert, which is sold in India.

The Cost Factor

Most of the Modafinil brands can cost somewhere between $1000 and $1500 depending on Modafinil smart drugwhere you purchase the product from. This can be quite a high price to bear, especially for healthy people seeking to boost their intelligence. There is a new version referred to as ‘generic Modafinil’, which goes for some $600 to $1000. According to most admirers of the smart drug, this is still way up in the higher price limit. An alternative such as Adrafinil can be an ideal option if budget is a concern.

Final Remarks

Depending on where you intend to buy the product from, it is important to note a few things. For one, some countries require a doctor’s prescription or Modafinil consumption is illegal. Two, patented Modafinil brands are more likely to be safer and pure. Three, do research and ensure that the vendor you are dealing with is legitimate for safety reasons as well as effectiveness. Lastly, it is always best to talk to your health provider about dosage and your find out whether you are fit for the smart drug based on your health status and medical history.


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