Uncensored Review: Does Modafinil (Provigil) Work as a Weight Loss Drug?

Modafinil Weight Loss

Due to the myriad of overall health dangers associate with being overweight or obese, healthy weight and fitness maintenance programs are an imperative necessity. While a variety of weight loss programs are available, the smart drug, Modafinil has been shown to have significant or rather impressive effects on the body as far as weight loss is concerned. Often marketed as Provigil as one of its brand names, according to most of the smart drug’s reviews, Modafinil is primarily recommended for use in the treatment of disorders such as narcolepsy and sleep disorders, alongside its application as a highly potent cognitive enhancer that promotes wakefulness. Amazingly, research also reveals that the drug is seen to carry some weight loss effects, which can either a helpful or an undesirable side effect in some cases. Since Modafinil/Provigil is designed for other purposes other than weight control, it is worth considering its effects, safety, results, and efficacy on weight loss, as well as how it works. This being the case, here are some important things to look at, about Modafinil; Provigil weight loss reviews, the results, & why it works.

Modafinil’s Primary Uses and Benefits

Even though nowadays regarded as a powerful cognitive enhancer and used for mental performance boosting, Modafinil was created as narcolepsy treatment drug back in the seventies by a French pharmaceutical company. It has for long been used as a medical prescription drug for the condition, as well as for treatment of sleep disorders such as apnea. Its use as a mental enhancement drug is tied to some cognitive benefits it was discovered to provide, which include increased mental energy, improved concentration, heightened wakefulness, and enhanced short-term memory among others.  However, its use for purposes other than in the treatment of sleep apnea and narcolepsy is still unapproved by the FDA in most countries (including the US). Its use for such purposes as cognitive enhancement is considered off-label in those areas, often requiring the doctor’s prescription.

How Modafinil Achieves Weight Loss

Most weight loss pills, supplements, and herbal products work by suppressing the appetite, leading to a change in feeding patterns. However, most of these products have been associated with side effects such as the dramatic increase in heart rate, blood pressure, among others. For Provigil, the smart drug has been seen to promote appetite suppression without necessarily leading to such side effects. Even though the exact appetite suppression mechanism of Modafinil is not fully understood, multiple studies indicate appealing weight loss results among users of the smart drug. The fact that the drug promotes wakefulness, and that more calories are burned by the body when one is awake due to heightened metabolism, are also supporting theories as to why Modafinil works to result in significant weight loss.

Modafinil Alternative (Adrafinil) & Weight Loss

Adrafinil is a drug that possesses effects similar to Modafinil, as far as promoting wakefulness and other cognitive benefits are concerned. It is less expensive, more accessible, and has also been seen to be potent when it comes to weight loss. The major difference between the two is that Adrafinil has to pass through the liver for it to be broken down into Modafinil and other constituents in the Nootropic smart drug class. This means that users may require a higher dosage before the beneficial effects can be delivered. All in all, it also works by suppressing the appetite to achieve weight loss.

Most Provigil weight loss reviews suggest that the beneficial effects of the drug are seen due to increased energy, heightened metabolism, boosted motivation, cognitive enhancement, increased dopamine levels, and suppressed appetite.  Since the use of Provigil is restricted to some aforementioned medical conditions, it is highly encouraged that you talk to your doctor for advice on the available weight loss options if you intend to keep fit, slim down or lose those excess pounds. If you intend to use Modafinil as a cognitive enhancer and weight loss booster, your doctor will advise you on the safety issues, dosage, potential side effects, and legal issues surrounding the smart drug’s usage.


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