Piracetam Stacks: The Top Nootropic Combinations

Piracetam Stacks Info

In the current market of Nootropics and brain enhancement formulations, Piracetam remains the most renowned, used, and well-tolerated supplement. It has a significant brain smartening effects and innumerable benefits not only in improving focus, memory, and cognition but also in enhancing brainpower levels. Viewing both sides of the coin, Piracetam, unlike most recently developed Nootropics, is less potent and safer. This is attributed to its longevity as the first ever discovered Racetam back in the 1960’s. When taking Piracetam alone, however, some users may fail to realize its full potential in terms of effectiveness and feeling the benefits. Some users may encounter side effects; whereas others may require more than the cognitive enhancement benefits provided by Piracetam.

This leaves smart Piracetam users with no better option than opting for a stack. This having been said, what remains a challenge to many is deciding on what to combine with the original Racetam for a smarter brain functioning. In others words; when it comes to stacking and this Racetam, Piracetam Stacks: the top Nootropics you can combine with are more than a few. Read on for pertinent ideas on Piracetam stacking.


It was the first Racetam to be discovered and developed, which brings its availability in the market to more than 5 decades since development. It is quick in action and works by improving the activity of acetylcholine receptors in the brain to deliver the myriad of effects stated. This vital supplement is known to cross the blood-brain barrier, increasing brain oxygen and glucose supply by improving neuronal blood circulation to result in effects such as enhancing memory, mood, learning and other mental functions.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Piracetam 


  • It beefs up cognition and reasoning abilities
  • It gives support to working and recall memory
  • Improves alertness and perception
  • Toxicity is lower than salt
  • Increases concentration and lower mental fatigue


  • Potency is lower than that of other Racetams
  • May cause headaches in some users
  • Takes longer to deliver effects

Brain Enhancement Goals Vs. Piracetam Stacking:

Before stacking or taking it on its own, the first and most important thing before should be about getting some knowledge about Piracetam and how it works. This would help in bridging the gap between said benefits and subsequent goals a user needs to meet.

Other than the fact that Piracetam has benefits such as stimulating brain receptors to increase amount of acetylcholine and glutamate to improve the brain’s ability to think & reason better, improve learning ability, heighten recall capabilities, enhance motivation to accomplish tasks more effectively, increase alertness, better sensory perception, there are surely other cognitive benefits that the supplement may not assure you. Some good examples include the need to enhance creativity, curb anxiety, or deal with depression symptoms. If you need additional benefits or you look to amplify the current benefits, stacking can be a great option. However, it again depends on your goals.

Stacking Piracetam with Alpha GPC

Alpha GPC is a choline based supplement that provides additional choline in your brain supplement regiment. Being a precursor of acetylcholine, Choline easily meets the brain’s craving and alleviates headaches experienced on sole consumption of Piracetam when Acetylcholine receptor sites burn-out. Remember that most nootropic substances act by influencing the effectiveness of acetylcholine in brain function, making this choice of combination highly valuable. To get these benefits, adding a high-quality choline supplement such as Alpha GPC to Piracetam is fundamental making it a Piracetam + Alpha GPC stack. Another good example is CDP-Choline (Citicoline).

PAO Stack (Piracetam +Aniracetam +Oxiracetam)

In the bid to secure a wider range of Racetam benefits, most people opt for blending Piracetam together with Aniracetam and Oxiracetam. This offers a platform that is both powerful and cost effective. Aniracetam has similar effects to Piracetam but it is faster acting in terms of effectiveness and also enhancing noticeable benefits in focus and energy levels. To attain cognitive processing power enhancer Oxiracetam is essential. This stack will give you great cognitive benefits as well as improve your mood. A good number of its consumer’s throw weight behind this stack in feeling more creative, better sensory perception and increased brain communication.

Pramiracetam + Piracetam

To make one of the most potent Racetam stacks, one needs to combine Piracetam with Pramiracetam. However, it is important to remember that this stack should be taken with a fat based meal or fluid since Pramiracetam is a fat-soluble nootropic. This stack goes a long way in improving already established benefits of Piracetam. Various users are of the opinion that this stack helps to increase motivation and drive making the accomplishment of lots of tasks in short spans of time.

Piracetam + Huperzine A Stacking  

The combination of Piracetam and Huperzine is ideal for those whose tastes are in favor of natural Nootropics. Huperzine is integral in beefing up Piracetam’s potential since it is an herbal supplement more effective when blended. As Piracetam solely increases the Acetylcholine levels in the brain, Huperzine prevents the breakdown of this neurotransmitter. This creates an opportunity to improve the levels of Acetylcholine and increases the longevity of benefits. This stack can be enhanced further by the addition of choline source.


Piracetam is has stood the test of time as an essential supplement legalized in most countries. It can be stacked with most Nootropic agents such as Racetams, Choline, and herbal supplements like Huperzine A. People differ in their cognitive enhancement needs and goals but it can be recommendable to be user centric and benchmark your outcomes with several Nootropics gradually before choosing your ideal stack option.