Piracetam User Experiences and Nootropic Ratings

Piracetam User Experiences

If you’ve encountered the term “smart drug”, then you might or might not have heard about Piracetam. This is a nootropic or brain enhancement supplement that is available in various forms, including powder, capsules, and pills. It is apparently the least potent among other similar supplements belonging to a family of Nootropics named Racetams. Actually, it was the first products of its kind to be developed and released to the market. Its low toxicity and potency make it a suitable supplement to start with, for individuals who’ve not used Nootropics before. But what do other user experiences and reviews say about this popular cognitive enhancer? Just like you would do before taking supplements such as those for weight loss, nutrition, and others, reading consumer reviews and ratings can help before making a decision and choosing the right nootropic for you. This being the case, here is a review of Piracetam user experiences and nootropic ratings for your perusal and inspiration.

How is Piracetam Used?

Cognitive improvement is the main purpose for which Piracetam is used. Most people take this supplement to improve their sharpness in learning and vividness of memory. A bigger number of users have reported enhanced concentration, attention, and alertness. Those who’ve used Piracetam as a cognitive enhancer for a while report being able to think clearer and reason better. A significant amount of research data and literature also indicates how Piracetam could be used in helping people with age-related mental degenerative disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, as well as other cognitive issues like ADHD/ADD and Alzheimer’s disease. The benefits of Piracetam are thought to be linked to its ability to increase the activity of acetylcholine and glutamate, as well as improving brain’s oxygen supply as it crosses the blood-brain barrier.

Your Expectations When Taking Piracetam

Being the first Racetam to be developed, Piracetam is a fairly fast-acting and safe nootropic, especially since it is less concentrated as compared to other members of its family. This is one of the reasons it is beginner-recommended. Like most other Nootropics, the supplement may behave slightly differently to different individuals in terms of response and the effects felt. However, it is generally said to induce some noticeable cognitive enhancement gains within 30-40 minutes of consumption.

The first noticeable signs for most users include enhancement attention and physical awareness, as well as heightened concentration. Music may sound more intense and colors may tend to appear brighter or clearer. Other user’s report an improvement in thought clarity and enhanced communication fluidity. Some experience an increase in mental perseverance or increased brain energy, such that they can perform task quicker and stay engaged for longer without succumbing to mental fatigue. Research also indicates that some users find themselves more motivated and confident in themselves, especially those with social anxiety issues. Memory recall also tends to become easier and to require less effort than before in some users. Just like the brain chemistry differs in different individuals, the intensity of Piracetam benefits and the frequency at which they are realized may slightly differ from person to person.

How Long Do Effects Of Piracetam Last?

One thing is obvious when it comes to Piracetam’s effects; that the effects will be felt as long as supplementation is continued. However, some users say that they take a break once in a while and then resume to taking their nootropic supplement. What remains debatable is whether or not the brain enhancer causes a permanent effect that will remain even after one stops taking the supplement.

Can You Take Piracetam And Not Feel Anything?

The truth is that a good number of users have experienced this, regardless of the fact that Piracetam is a fast-acting nootropic; some users in rare cases may fail to feel this supplement’s cognitive effects at first. But what can you do in such a case? It is important to note that since individuals respond differently to Nootropics, Piracetam’s full effects may be realized from somewhere between the first 1-6 weeks of consumption in some users, especially for cognitive effects such as memory boost. One option is to be patient for the effects to build up, or you could consider going for an attack dose to speed up the process a bit. The attack dosage simply means taking double or 1.5 times the normal dose, for a day or two, and then revert back to your normal dose. However, the second option is barely recommendable.

What of the Side Effects?

Piracetam is one of the safest and least toxic Nootropics. If any occur at all, side effects associated with Piracetam are only mild and easy to eliminate. A common one is headaches, which is normally treated by including a choline supplement in the user’s Piracetam dose by stacking. A small percentage of users have complained of tiredness after the effects of the supplement wear off from the system, whereas others have encountered nausea, GIT discomforts, nervousness, and diarrhea. Most of these are linked to overdosing and are barely serious in most cases.