Tips for Using Oxiracetam Piracetam Stack


Nootropic stacks are a combination of two or more cognitive enhancers, forming a single or multiple doses for the purpose of increasing the supplementation efficacy, increasing the number of benefits, or getting rid of some unwanted effects of smart drugs. Stacking of smart pill supplements is a common practice seen among most Racetam users who always aim to potentiate the mild forms such as Piracetam.

Like other smart drugs, Oxiracetam enhances one’s cognitive functions, boosts memory, and improves concentration levels. To amplify the benefits, it is advisable to use an Oxiracetam Piracetam Stack, which assists in enhancing focus, raising intellectual capacity, and improving mental fluidity even more. Here some things to know about this combination, along with tips for using Oxiracetam Piracetam stack.

What is Piracetam?

Piracetam is known to most as the first development in the Racetam family of brain enhancers. It was actually the first Nootropic supplement to be unearthed decades ago by a Belgian scientist, yet it still remains popular. Piracetam has being liked by many for its scientific and clinical approval and the fact that it provides a wide range of benefits such as better cognitive ability, increased memory, improved focus, and concentration.

Unlike most parts of the globe, it is legally prescribed in the United Kingdom. Piracetam is unregulated in many jurisdictions including in the US hence not officially sold but can be imported in small quantities of 1-3 months’ supply purely for personal consumption.

And What Is Oxiracetam?

Oxiracetam is best described as a psycho-stimulant that is preferred for assistance in undertaking menial tasks as a cognitive agent.  It has positive impacts on one’s memory and retention ability making it essential for logical reasoning and accuracy of detail. It is majorly utilized in areas requiring longer concentration span such as writing dissertations and technical fields such as engineering and science.

Oxiracetam Piracetam Stack

For maximum value to be obtained from Oxiracetam, a stack may be essential. Combining both Oxiracetam and Piracetam has shown to amplify the benefits that smart drugs are known to harbor. Piracetam is majorly a vasodilator while Oxiracetam has much potential in increasing cognitive ability, improving concentration, enhancing focus levels, and bettering one’s memory.

Recommended Dosages

People are impacted differently by different Racetams hence it is advisable that one determines the effect of each supplement independent from the others to ascertain what level of combination would be effective. Stacks should be administered at lower dosage levels that are 1600 and 400 milligrams for Piracetam and Oxiracetam respectively (4:1 Ratio). One should have a good standard of patience, for instance, take between 3-6 weeks to monitor effects before making any alterations. The gradual increase in dosage may involve from as low as 200mg of Piracetam but should never go beyond 2500 mg. In the case of headaches, one should combine intake with a high-quality choline source.


Oxiracetam and Piracetam stack have resulted in high potential positive effects welcomed by users. For best results, one should also consider cycling the stack. For instance, you could take the stack for 2 months, followed by a month of Oxiracetam or Piracetam only. This all depends on your experience with your supplementation regimen.


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