What’s The Most Recommended Oxiracetam Choline Stack


It is recommendable to stack Oxiracetam with other smart pill supplements to have access to synergistic potency, especially for those who need to experience amplified cognitive benefits. Oxiracetam Choline stacks have a number of impressive cognitive effects in terms of the beneficial results and side effects. Over the ages, it has broken innumerable cognitive benefit ceilings.

There are several stacks available but for optimization of outcomes, one should strictly adhere to recommended Oxiracetam stacks. So what’s the most recommended Oxiracetam Choline stack? This article explores most valuable pieces of information necessary for making a choice on what Oxiracetam choline stack to use.

Oxiracetam 101

Since 1970’s, Oxiracetam stacked with Choline, has stood the test of time in being among the safest and non-toxic supplements ever discovered. Oxiracetam is a more potent Racetam version in comparison to most other members of the family, including Piracetam. Besides being natural “limitless pills,” it plays an active role in psycho-mental stimulation. It is mostly respected for its ability to increase memory and recall ability, improve learning capacity, and enhance concentration abilities. This is perhaps the reason why it is most popularly used by students taking technical study programs or courses.


Choline aids in memory formulation and retention through facilitating the increase of neurotransmitter functions within the brain. It acts as a precursor for the important brain neurotransmitter popularly known as acetylcholine. Its availability in nootropic supplements thereby increases the supply of this important cognitive chemical on the receptor sites. Despite the fact that choline is available in common foods such as eggs and soy, reviews have shown that greater portion of the population is prone to choline deficiency, a phenomenon linked majorly to poor diets.

Choline is often combined with Racetams or other Nootropics in the bid to provide a remedy for headaches, one of the commonest mild side effects of smart drug supplementation. For effectiveness, the choline source must be of the highest quality mark such as Citicoline which not only imitates the body’s natural ones but also facilitates faster absorption.

Recommended Oxiracetam Choline Stack Dosage

Oxiracetam and choline combination potentiates each other calling for the small dosage of either for optimum results. Oxiracetam yields to cholinic activities while choline ensures proper functionality of neurotransmitters which help limit chances of headaches occurrence. According to nootropic experts, it is most advisable to use 800mg Oxiracetam with 250mg Citicoline or Alpha GPC two times a day.

How Can Oxiracetam Be Best Taken?

It is recommended to take a good amount of time for example 3-6 weeks to monitor Racetam impacts as they are normally not immediate. Being a psycho-stimulant it should be administered in early hours of the day than later hours unless one plans to conduct menial tasks into night hours. It is advisable, to begin with, a small dose and gradually increase intake levels as per need around the sixth week onwards because this is when its full extent of effects is noticeable. It is significant in improving intellectual intelligence and mental fluidity hence fundamental in studies requiring logical reasoning and high acumen. It is also viable to engage in cycling.


It has been proved beyond reasonable doubt that Oxiracetam choline stack is effective in amplifying cognitive effects and results to about 3 times more than individual administration. Smaller initial dosages followed by gradual increase have indisputably brought about a great wealth of benefits to most users of the combined supplement regimen.


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